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book cover design
book cover design
ebook cover design
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ebook cover design
book cover design
book cover design
book cover design
book cover design
book cover design
book cover design
How To Make Better Homebuying Decisions.
Garden of the Soultaker
The Supreme Gentleman Killer
The Secure Leader
Killing Women 2
The Sinner s Saint
Killian The Assassin
Creacked Case
Demon Marked 1
The Secret Library
Aja Minor
Little Bird on My Balcony
A Murder in my Hometown
Demon Marked 3
The Wayfaring Swan
Team One
City of Whispers

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book cover design
book cover design
ebook cover design book cover design


book cover design
book cover design
book cover design
book cover design



Do I own the cover design?

You paid for it, so you own it.  That means you can use it however you like. Isn't that great?

I don't really know what I want. Is that a problem?

That's what I'm here for! I can brainstorm for you and send different design ideas. Once we settle on one design concept, I proceed to send you the invoice and then the fun begins!

How does this work?

The first step is contacting me. You can do that by going to the CONTACT page and send me a message explaining what you need and what your book is about. Then we'll agree on a specific design concept and I will send you the invoice for payment. Don't worry, you don't need a Paypal account to pay. Credit and debit cards work, too!

After this, it will take me about 1-5 days (depending on the type of cover) to send you the first draft. Sometimes no changes are needed and sometimes they are needed. But I got you covered! I offer unlimited rounds of revisions, until you're 100% satisfied with the final result.


For book formatting, please go to the BOOK FORMATTING page and fill the contact form with all your info.

How much input do I have?

It's your book so you will have a LOT of input. Normally a short synopsis will be asked to get a better feel of the story. Providing links to samples of book covers you like is also really helpful. And if you have personal images that you would like to use, no problem! The key is creating a striking cover that catches the eye!

What if I don't like the design?

I'll make all my best to not let that happen, but if that happens I offer unlimited rounds of revisions/changes until you're 100% satisfied. And if you're still not happy, then I will give you your money back.

However, please note that once a final design is chosen, you can't come back later and make another change for free. Or else this would be a never ending process! 

I need a print cover. Can you help me with that?

Yes I can! At an additional cost of $65, I can provide you with a professional, high quality print ready PDF file for Amazon Kindle, Lulu, IngramSpark or any other printer. The file includes back cover and spine design, and resizing of the ebook cover to be used as the front cover.

We also do stellar book formatting! Please check our prices and info for that, and contact our formatter at the BOOK FORMATTING page.


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About the designer

book cover design
book cover design

When not designing or writing, I can be found watching Documentaries, playing with my Mini Aussie, singing in the shower and eating way too many chocolates!


I speak Spanish, French and Portuguese, and absolutely love to travel and meet new cultures.

My motto in life: let your mind run wild.

But what is so important about my "motto" you might wonder? Well, in the last ten years, my motto has been my golden ticket to success. It has driven me to do what I love.  My biggest passion: creating book covers. I've always been drawn to imagery and colors . A gripping book cover is what pushes me to pick up a book from a shelf and dive into its depths. And as you might know, I'm not the only one. This is in fact human nature. We're visual human beings. That is why a professional book cover is so important. 


And I can help you lure readers in with a professional book cover for much less than most graphic designers charge, with unlimited rounds of revisions included until 100% satisfied. Good deal, huh? Don't hesitate and let's work together! We'll put your book right where it belongs: among BESTSELLERS.                            


Write me a message. Go to the CONTACT page and let's start the fun!

Tatiana Vila

About the formatter


Unlike Tatiana, I don't sing in the shower. I actually love to hit the stage and play the guitar. Soccer and reading

fill a big part of my heart as well. Though the latter

would definitely win in a match.

I find the publishing industry fascinating. 

A professional, gripping book cover is the

first step to success as an author, but interior

formatting is what helps bring a manuscript to life. It helps shape the reader's impression of a book both consciously and subconsciously. It's the period at the end of an overall reading experience. And how good you make that experience to a reader it's up to you as an author.


Hire a professional and treat your book with care. I believe each book is unique, so I never use templates. Opposite to other formatters, I format your book from scratch.

Let me help turn your book into an unforgettable experience. Readers will thank you.

CONTACT me and let's work together!

Carlos Garzona

book cover design
book cover design


        "Tatiana has a rare gift for distilling a complex concept into compelling imagery. Not only does she possess an impeccable sense for composition, color and design, she is also patient, upbeat, and makes the collaborative process a great joy. I'm overjoyed with the result and can't recommend her more highly!" 

—  Mitchell Coleman, The Wright Thing